Beer Mat Printers based in the UK

Thirstys are a long established, UK based manufacturer and printer of genuine beer mats and, as such, we recognise that some people need a fast site that gets them where they need to go quickly. With this in mind, we have introduced this lightweight site (mini-site) which provides most of the basic information you will need, with a single click of the mouse from the home page. For those wanting more information about beer mats or Thirstys, we would invite you to visit our main site for: Thirstys, UK Manufacturer of Beer mats.

About Limited...No Drama, No Fuss, No Premium Prices!
Unlike some others, that claim to be something they are not, Thirstys is a dedicated, reputable and well established manufacturer of real beer mats based in Northampton; some 60 miles north of London. All of our beer mats are manufactured in the UK using our own litho-printing press and cutting machines. We employ local staff in our UK factory. Moreover, we don't shirk or attempt to avoid our tax obligations, which we consider is an integral part of the social responsibilities of any business wishing to operate in the UK.

About Our Beer Mats (Coasters)
Call them what you will, dripmats (drip mats), coasters, beer mats (beer mats), beer coasters, pulp-board mats, fibre-board coasters; we promise that the mats we make are the genuine article....REAL beermats.

Our beer mats are manufactured using traditional materials and methods including the use of a super-thirsty, pulpwood board and litho-printing directly onto the board. Don't be sucked into buying inferior mats that are digitally printed onto paper, which is then mounted onto cardboard with an adhesive. These "beer mats" may look pretty 'out of the box' but it doesn't take Einstein to determine that the absorbency properties are virtually zero. Our beer mats are fully functional drip mats, not window-dressing!

Our standard beer mats are 94mm square with rounded corners or 94mm round. But, it doesn't stop there, because we are the manufacturer, we can produce virtually any size of shape beer mat. Tell us what you want; if it can be done, then Thirstys will do it. We can provide beer mats with custom shapes, in bespoke sizes and even with a foiled finish.

About Reliability, Promises and Service
All too often, those desperate for business will over-promise and under-deliver, often through the use of a website littered with false or misleading claims. This reflects badly on our industry and we deeply resent that. Cheap prices are offered to seduce people of their senses and, surprise surprise, there follows a cheap service, with a litany of broken promises, unresolved calls, missed deadlines and dare we say, poorly finished product. How do we know? Because, invariably we get the call to pick up the pieces and we know precisely who the main culprits are, but our professional ethics prevent us from publishing their names. Those in the know come to Thirstys for their beer mats. Our typical timescale from receipt of acceptable order and payment to dispatch is 2 weeks!

Here at Thirstys we back up our promises with written guarantees, we can do that with confidence because come hell or high water, we deliver each and every time. You are welcome to visit our main website for information on: Our Promise and Our Unique Dispatch on Time Promise...or better still, why not read What Our Customers Say about us?

About Flexibility
Because we are the manufacturer, we set the rules; we can tailor our production and manufacturing processes in a way that accommodates the needs of our customers. This means we can offer short print runs, long runs, custom shapes, special sizes, special packaging and multi-drop deliveries. We can deliver 50 beer mats for a Birthday celebration through to 10m plus beer mats for a huge campaign...all without fuss, drama or premium prices.

If you want the best from your beer mats, then don't take a risk; come to Thirstys, where we deliver each and every time. No drama, No Fuss, No Premium Prices!

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