Artwork - What You Need To Know

To achieve the best beermats on your behalf, as with any printer, we need to have print ready artwork. However, our beermats are litho-printed onto an absorbent wood-pulp substrate and, therefore, even the most seasoned designer would be well advised to read our guidelines before they start the design process.

We have put together some brief guidelines which can be downloaded below which will provide some useful guidelines and practical advice to experienced and amateur designers alike. Because we offer 94mm round and 94mm square (with rounded corners) beermats, we have provided information on both. We have deliberately kept the explanations simple, using a combination of visuals and text to highlight key aspects. We have also provided a PDF with Frequently Asked Questions, this can be downloaded using the link below.

If you prefer, we can also design your beer mat from scratch for £50.00 plus VAT for the front and a different design on the reverse.

Once your artwork is completed and you a ready to proceed, you can click the next link: Place My Order, or the menu button above and you will be taken to the Order Form on the main Thirstys website.

We only accept artwork in the following formats: High Resolution PDF's or JPEG's. You will be provided the opportunity to upload your artwork during the ordering process. Please note, we do not take payment when you place your order, this aspect is only covered once we have had the opportunity to review and accept your artwork and delivery requirements. Once we have approved your order, we will send you a PDF Proof to sign and arrange payment.

Thirstys Beermat Artwork Specifications


Artwork Specifications - Full Colourdownload 
Artwork Specifications - Rounddownload 
Frequently Asked Questionsdownload 

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