Insist on Printed Beer Mats from Thirstys?

If you have already bought beer mats from Thirstys, then you won't need to read any further, because you will already be familiar with our product, reliability, ethos and service. For those that haven't, then we have listed a few reasons you can entrust us with your business.

Thirstys is a UK based MANUFACTURER OF REAL BEERMATS. Our office and factory are based in Northampton, some 60 miles north of London. Our factory is home to our own litho-printing press, cutting and packing machinery. We employ local staff, thereby making a positice contribution to the local economy as well as paying all of our business rates, taxes and contributions.

We only manufacturer REAL BEERMATS. Our customers are not looking for window dressing, they want genuine beer mats with all the native properties provided by manufacturing using traditional methods and, of course, using the right materials such as a highly absorbent wood pulp substrate. Don't be tempted by offers of a digitally printed beer mat, these are typically made by printing onto a piece of paper, which is in turn, glued to a piece of cardboard. It may look pretty, but it simply won't stand the test of time and its ability to absorb water is virtually non-existent.

Our beer mats are ECO FRIENDLY. In fact, they are most likely one of the most eco friendly printed products available. Our mats are 100% recyclable. They are typically made from 85% recycled pulp, mixed with 15% sustainable fibres. Thirstys uses vegetable based inks, which are made up from a mixture of renewable resources such as soy, safflower and flax. Whilst these inks are more expensive than traditional petroleum based inks, Thirstys recognises that manufacturing and promoting eco-friendly, fully recyclable products is the responsible thing to do.

Here at Thirstys we pride ourselves on being RELIABLE & ETHICAL. Invariably, printing, whether it is for a function, event or advertising programme is subject to some form of deadline. We understand this...therefore, if we make a delivery promise, we will stick to it. In a sector that tends to over promise and under-deliver, Thirstys stands out from the crowd. If we say we will dispatch in 2 weeks, then we will. We don't make empty verbal promises, we go as far as publishing OUR PROMISE!

Above all, we are FLEXIBLE. If you need your beer mats packed in a particular way, we can generally accommodate your needs. If you require your beer mats packaged, we can help you. If you need your beer mats dispatched to a number of different addresses we can do that as well. In todays world, we recognise that business needs to be flexible, not rigid. In fact, our flexibility and choice even extends to offering custom shapes, bespoke beer mat sizes and even foiled coasters.

We take a genuine PRIDE in each and every beer mat order we process, print and manufacture. It doesn't matter if you are looking for 50 beermats, 50,000 or 1m, we will apply our expertise in exactly the same way because it really matters to us. You won't find us trying to palm you off with a badly registered print or poorly cut mats. Shortcuts are simply not in our vocabulary!

TRUST THIRSTYS! If the quality of your beer mats is important to you, then come to Thirstys. If you have a deadline, don't take a risk, trust Thirstys to deliver. If knowing that you are buying an eco-friendly product, direct from the manufacturer is important to you, then you can count on Thirstys, The UK's number one beer mat manufacturer.


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